The Orchard - Growing for Life


Why "The Orchard"

An orchard is a place to plant and grow.  The Orchard in Anna is a place where people can set down roots and grow themselves, their families, and their community of faith closer to God through Christ. 

The Orchard - Growing a Little Bit at a Time

Unlike gardens or farms, it is understood that seeds planted in an orchard take years to grow and produce fruit.  A standard apple tree will not produce fruit for 5 years. An orange tree - 7 to 15 years. And it will take even longer if it is not watered and fed consistently.

The Orchard - Growing is a Long View of Life

In contrast to our immediate culture, at The Orchard we take a long view of life. While faith can be immediate, growing a mature faith takes time. 

Our families, our children, even our finances, take time to strengthen and grow. Jesus wants us to grow little by little every week, month, and year. 

The Orchard - Growing Today to be Ready for Tomorrow

Since we never know when the storms of life will come upon us, we must start preparing now. Once the winds and rain have already begun, it is often too late. The time to grow our marriages, our families, our kids, and ourselves is now.